The Simple Secrets to Creating Irresistible Stories That Matter

There’s a reason that storytelling is the most powerful form of communication in history. But the art and science of it seems mostly lost in the corporate world. With push messaging, corporate-speak, data overload and brand flogging, our ability to meaningfully connect with audiences large and small has been replaced by information spewing.

In this experiential keynote, Leslie Ehm will take you back to the origins of storytelling to demystify the critical elements, rules of engagement and emotional resonance that everyone needs in order to use the art of storytelling to move hearts and minds to action in the business world.

From telling personal stories to business presentations, corporate positioning and marketing – the rules apply. Simple, playful, science-based, and useful, audiences will not only get to learn what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to corporate storytelling and how and where to apply it, but also test the theories in immediate and interactive ways.

Once upon this keynote and your audience will never be the same again.


“AWESOME! Leslie was energetic, effortlessly got people engaged, and the content was very relevant and inspiring.”

Karen White – Sr. Manager, Consumer Engagement / Brand Academy, Danone Whitewave



2-3 hour Experience (audiences up to 200)

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