Creative Juice:

How Anyone Can Squeeze Innovation THINKING Out of Their Brains – Without the Pits

“Think differently.” With creativity and innovation becoming the most sought after skillsets in the modern workplace, this is the rallying cry of the 21st century. While many people are willing, most have no freaking idea of how to actually do it.

Fear not. Creativity isn’t a gift that the pixies sprinkle upon a select few at birth. It is a mindset, skill, and process that can be learned by anyone. In this playful, challenging and experiential keynote, Leslie Ehm demystifies what ‘creativity’ is in context of the business world and how individuals and teams can tap into if for practical and mind-blowing innovation success.

Combining neuroscience with interactive experiences, stories, proof of concept, and techniques, Leslie’s 15 years of experience in creativity training will arm even the largest audience with not just the fundamental understanding of what creativity and innovation actually are, but some brain-popping approaches to unleashing it in themselves and others.

“Leslie’s session was dynamic, innovative, highly applicable, and a ton of fun!”

Marie-Andrée Gélinas–Director, Marketing & B2B Communications, CBC



2-3 hour Experience (audiences up to 200)

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