Leslie is a proven expert in working with established and emerging leaders seeking a more powerful, confident and authentic approach to their leadership game.

What makes Leslie’s programs unique is her ability to quickly build trust, gain insight and provide the kind of support and guidance that creates a truly safe place in which to develop leadership confidence and skills. As a result of her training expertise, Leslie is also able to provide leaders with tangible best practices, tools and techniques in presentation, communication, storytelling and creativity skills to make them better, faster and smarter contributors to their organizations.
Leslie’s secret weapon is her passion. What she lives for is bringing out the best in the people she works with so that they can in turn bring out the best in those they lead. And that’s a win for everyone.

Contact Leslie for more information on her coaching programs and availability.

Leslie Ehm with coaching client
Leslie Ehm Talking to a coaching client
Leslie Ehm with a coaching client

What people had to say about working with Leslie:

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