Leslie In Action

The Power of the ‘Institutional Yes’

Leslie Ehm on why, when it comes to creativity and innovation, saying 'no' is far easier than saying 'yes' - and why that needs to change.

Why Your Brain Hates Innovation

Why are our brains so resistant to new and different thinking? Leslie Ehm makes sense of the Triune Brain conundrum.

Words With Friends – “Authenticity” with Phil Jones

Leslie and Phil discuss the meaning of the word "authenticity" in this playful, deep, irreverent and real podcast.
One, Two, Three, SUCCEED!

The Three Magic Words You Need to Realize Your Dreams

When I was little, my mother taught my sister and I how to dream big. Whenever we would proclaim awe or envy for someone who was out there in the world doing seemingly unattainable things, she would look at us and say three magic words. “Why not you?” “Someone gets to do have that cool […]
Fake No More image

Why ‘Fake it ‘Til You Make It’ Won’t Make You Confident

Ahhh confidence. It’s the elusive unicorn of self-perception. Just about every aspiring human has at least once uttered the phrase “If only I came across as more confident, people would take me more seriously”. And they really believed it too! Then inevitably the stress and strain of trying to appear more confident would eventually take […]
Swagger Lost & Found

What To Do When You Lose Your Swagger

My mom passed away a few months ago after a fierce battle with cancer. When she died, she created a giant black hole in my world, which completely sucked my swagger into its vortex. I quickly realized that her passing had fundamentally changed me. Nothing felt right, comfortable or familiar. The sound of my own […]

How to Transform a Presentation Sh*t Show into a Swagger-Fest

We’ve all been there. We’ve planned, prepped and practiced. We’ve positive self-talked ourselves up the ying yang. We’re pumped, swagger-filled, ready to slay… Aaaaand then something happens that causes it all to go to hell in a hand basket. Maybe you misunderstood what the purpose of your presentation was. Or you’ve accidentally exposed something that […]
Two Little Words

The Almighty Creative Power of Two Little Words

Two little words. That’s all it can take to change your mindset, innovation culture, and even your creative output. These two little words may not come as a surprise if you’ve ever done improv, taken creativity or innovation training, or work in an organization that walks the talk on creative collaboration. But what may be […]

Are You a Creativity Exterminator?

What do fleas and creativity have in common? They will both die an excruciating slow death if they’re not actively released.

6 Storytelling Secrets to Bring Swagger to Your Next Presentation

Can you remember the last time you were moved, motivated or *gasp* INSPIRED by a corporate presentation?

Waiting for Permission to Have Swagger at Work? Stop. And Start Being a Badass Right Now

I hear a lot of excuses as to why having swagger AKA ‘being authentic’ won’t fly at work. Most people genuinely believe their colleagues and, even more so, their bosses, do not give rat’s ass about who they really are.

What RuPaul’s Drag Race Has to Teach Us About Corporate Authenticity

Huh? What could a TV show about drag queens possibly have to do with the corporate world? More than you could ever imagine.

5 Telltale Signs that You Have Swagger

Let’s be real — we all wish that we could have that elusive thing called ‘swagger’. We marvel at those who can walk into a room and instantly command it.
Expert Focus Podcast

Keeping Your Power & Growing Into Your Swagger

In episode EF008 of The Expert Focus Podcast, Claire and Leslie cover a lot of important ground. They debunk ‘the hustle’, address the label of ‘Mompreneur’, and discuss the things that will rob you of your swagger.  

The Art of Corporate Storytelling: How to Deliver a Message that Doesn’t Fall on Deaf Ears

One of the key ingredients to running a successful business is being able to communicate effectively with your customers, employees and stakeholders.

The Link Between Creativity & Storytelling and Why They’re Equally Critical to Success

Leslie Ehm joins Skip Weisman on the Your Championship Company podcast to discuss the fundamentals of applied creativity and how and why using it to tell corporate stories is the secret weapon to motivating your workforce, building your brand, and attracting the most customers.

The Taboo of Swearing with Leslie Ehm

Are we too hung up on the taboo of four-letter words? Colleen Powell’s conversation about swearing with Leslie Ehm on the Year of Listening podcast raises bigger questions about judgement, communication and authenticity.

“Leslie Ehm is, quite simply, AWESOME!”

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